About Blog

Even we admit it that the Internet space is flooded with blog sites that cater to the niche of art with special emphasis on the performing arts. But, with a subject that is as wide in scope as performing arts, there is room for everybody. Our blog site http://www.brothersfdm.com too caters to this niche but as readers of our site have found it, there is a divergence on how we deal with the topic and how others do.

Let us elaborate further and tell you how our blog site is different from others in this genre. First, we do not treat the subject as one specific entity since for us it is made up of diverse components. Hence we have three distinct sections on our site that make in-depth analysis of every individual entity. These are music, dance and drama and each of them are treated in great depth on our site.

A few examples will help explain the matter with greater clarity to our readers. Take the instance of dance. The topics covered here are as diverse as they can be. We will go into the origin of various dance forms and what the performers seek to convey to the audience through their art. Next we will also enlighten aspiring students of drama of the colleges and institutions that excel in the teaching of performing art. There will be generic blogs too on the topic such as career scope of choreographers who mainly structure and create different dance recitals. Similarly, the same in-depth treatment is given to music and drama, the other two arms of performing arts.

Our blogs are written by a team of experts with many of them being masters in the field of the performing arts. Some are even course directors in music and dance colleges and hence their advice to aspiring performers is credible and authentic.

We also invite write-ups from people who are passionate about performing arts and have at some point in time been closely linked to it. Any news, information or updates from you will be welcome provided the pieces are original and unpublished ones.

We will inform contributors through email once their blogs are posted on our site.